Markmont string reviews coming

I’m a huge string enthusiast in any skill toy activity, wether it be Kendama or yo-yo I take string very seriously and on the radar is marmot formula strings. I plan to review every markmont formula string to see what I think is best, and what may be best for you! Note: I’m a slack trick addict so whichever one it think is best for slack will likely either be super whippy and best for holding tension. Let me know if your interested in the strings or if you have any!


Hmmm, that’s nice, I’m eager to see your selection I just did mine few days ago:

Top to bottom.


I’ve only tried the nightmoves and 65 (I think I have the names right - but the whippy orange one and the bright yellow one). I like them both a lot, depending on how I feel like playing.

I’m interested in hearing how you feel the whole lineup compares against each other.


You’re not done; they all come in regular and thick now :rofl:

For a few that’s redundant (e.g. Draken is “regular” DRAGON and vice versa, likewise for Cirrus Foam/Cumulous Foam).

Regular Copernicus, regular BEWD and thick Night Moves have me really interested.


Hmmmmmm, that’s good to know…

That might change something about my order of preference:
Amy > Dragon > Copernicus > Draken > Cumulus Foam > Night Moves > Blue Eyed White Dragon > Rebby > 65 > Cirrus Foam

Exactly what you told, regular Copernicus, regular BEWD and thick Nigh moves… I understand what you say…

Amy is kinda thick, but I like the weight feeling, but playing with OD 10ball bearing is not good, I used hummingbird with DS bearing, for that, Amy was the best for me. But maybe regular Amy would be nice to see as well.

I read in the past about dragon and draken beeing colored, that would be nice to see as well.

@French : My choices were not made from a highly technical perspective, because I am not the ideal person to give a technical endorsement, my choices were based on the ease of hitting the combos that I know, the level of satisfaction, and how much I actually had to control vs luck, not forgetting to mention the feeling of the strings passing through the hands and fingers. Based on about 1 hour of play, I could see that this order that I established and mentioned above was the most pleasant to play with the yoyo hummingbird with ds bearing for me. But now knowing that there are thick and regular, the game changes. lol


I’m not he most technical player. What I can say is the orange Markmont string is what I used to learn Brent Stole.


Mine came a little wierd (torsion issues), I suppose the thick version would be better, but I like the felling.

So, what do you like?

The torsion felling?


I liked the sensation in the hands, a tougher touch.
I guess we could say the torsion feeling as well as the material. And while it’s light, it’s very agile in the air.


@yoyogameboy26, hey man, how you doing?
When will you tell us your review? I’m curious to know what you think! Take care!


hmm markmont string is soooo good! I think I found the one I like the most, then I am finding i like more than I originally thought. when you find the perfect string for the throw, it just clicks. if you think you don’t like a particular string, try playing around with different throws and bearings


Hey thanks for checking! It hasent arrived yet