Markmont Next Nickel? Allergies?


Hey guys, I’m allergic to nickel. I’ve seen the Markmont Next and it looks great, but it’s made with nickel. Nickel allergies are common, so I’m wondering if anyone who is allergic to nickel has tried the Markmont Next, and if so, have they had any rashes/reactions to it? If so, when I pick up a one-drop, it will probably be the Y-factor.




There has been several other treads about this and you not get rashes/reactions. Sorry I can’t find the threads.


I wouldn’t tell him nothing will really happen. Allergies are a serious matter. If you are allergic then leave it alone.


Be safe and get a Y-factor, the last thing you need is a $95 allergic reaction.


I didn’t even know you could be allergic to nickel. Hmmm!! If I were you, I would play it safe and get the Y-Factor. You won’t be disappointed.


Found it :smiley:,10050.0.html

(M²) #7

Yes but people’s allergic reaction can react differantly, it might not take six hours for him. Besides, the Y factor is a really good yoyo and i think he’ll like it.

(BB) #8

well my brothers allergic to nickel and he took my mighty flea and his hand got all itchy

(Joshhh) #9

i thought the mighty flea was made of steel?

(Matty#14) #10

Yeah, Im 99% sure its steel.

(BB) #11

nickel plated brass


i thought it was nickel plated bronze. ???

(BB) #13

idk it starts with b i know that lol

(Joshhh) #14

definitely not bronze. pretty sure it isnt brass either. brownie points for anyone who gets a definitive answer.


nickel plated brass

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #16

You can literally be allergic to anything…


Thanks for the reply guys! I think I’ll leave i alone and pick up a Y-factor at some point. I can’t afford one right now because I ordered a Sasquatch impulsively.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #18

Lol, I prefer undersized, but don’t worry your impulse was a correct choice.