need help deciding


i want to get one of my throws annoed. should i get it done on my POPStar or my Mighty Flea? i think an annoed flea would look pretty awesome. what do you guys think i should do?

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Cant ano a flea.


really? why?


Yes and were you going to do it yourself?


A flea is steet, not aluminum like other yoyos


no i was going to send it to a modder and i thought it was nickel plated brass. but u cant do it with that either, right?


The nickle plated brass was the first edition of the flea. The current 2010 fleas are stainless steel


I guess your question is answered then. :wink:


And no I dont believe you can anno Nickel Plated brass .


oh ok well then i read wrong info on some website


does anyone know if it is hard to anno a yoyo? i might wanna learn


Learning to ano is dangerous. There is a lot of dangerous materials you have to use. Normally people on these forums will not tell you because of this. You can, however, find everything you need if you google search


Yes and if a mod sees someone wrote how he will delete the post because we don’t want people getting hurt.


ok thanks people