how does nickle coated yoyos play compared to others

Well I’m allergic to nickle sadly. But always wanted to know whats are their pros and cons. Just curous.
I can play them just cant hold it on dark skin like my palm,bottom of foot can touch it but the back of my hand cant

How do you buy $0.05 gumballs then?? ???

To my knowledge, it’s purely aesthetic. It’s not thick enough to add any noticeable weight (it’s something like 150 microns thick).

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I can touch nickles with my palm but I can’t wear belts and other metal accessories due to the fact most metal on clothing is at least 20% nickle but yoyos coated in them mean my palm could break out if i hold it for long (as learned at va states) and grinds forget about it.
kryptonite to sups is nickle to me

That’s crazy, I wonder if I’m also allergic. Two of my belt buckles make me break out just after a couple hours against my skin. I usually tuck a tshirt in my pants so it doesn’t contact my skin.

I’m quite allergic to nickel and have been throwing nickel plated yoyos since the first MarkMont. I’ve never once had a problem with it and I highly doubt anyone else with a nickel allergy will either. Think about it like this: your belt buckle touches your skin much more often than a yoyo will be touching your hand. At least 95% of the time you spend with the yoyo will have it spinning and not touching your skin, so unless you plan to hold it in your hands for a few hours at a time you won’t notice any irritation at all.

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The nickel does add weight unless you modify your design to account for nickel, but the weight added is not necessarily a static amount. I weigh every yoyo I purchase and the nickel versions have always been heavier.

Two nickel plated models I have also owned a non-plated version of are the Code 2 and Y-Factor. In both cases, about .5 grams (y-factor) and .75 grams (Code 2) were added to the nickel versions and feel noticeably more solid.