Market oversaturated?

(Pantheon Throws) #1

I’ve had my BST Post up for ~2 months now and have only managed to sell one item from it, even though the prices I have on everything are criminally low compared to MSRP and past going prices. The only explanation I can think of for this is that there is not much money in yoyoers pockets due to the amount of yoyos that are currently being made and sold. Am I wrong? Am I missing something? I really can’t think of any other reason that my throws wouldn’t be selling, but it’s possible that it’s due to me missing some knowledge that one of you out there might have.


Except for mayyybe the 2sick there’s really nobody looking for or interested in the yoyos that you’re selling.

A big part of it is what you said, the markets just over saturated. It’s been pretty hard to sell on the BST not just recently but the past few years. There’s just too many yoyos, too many good options, too many new releases right now.

If you’re not selling a popular or fairly new yoyo you’re going to have a difficult time getting rid of it.

Another thing is it might partly be because you’re selling on YYE. You’ll get a lot more traffic on FB.

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On the other hand, selling a rare older yoyo that is well regarded will sell pretty quickly. Or just a rare yoyo period. Every single time a purple Lust comes up on a BST, I can’t seem to respond fast enough before it is gone, and it’s not like the Lust is some legendary throw or anything. It’s just that the purple one is incredibly rare (comparatively speaking).

(InvaderDust) #4

Its all about desirability on the buyers perspective. If the yoyo or color isnt what they are searching for specifically, try to make the price the selling point.

If you really need them to move them, drop the price by X amount every X days. If it doesnt sell even after dropping the price to an insulting or counter productive point, than just keep them, or give them away to some unsuspecting victim of your kindness. :slight_smile:

(Pantheon Throws) #5

I’ve done all of that except for the giving away/keeping part. I have a maximum number of throws im allowing myself to own at one time, so I can’t keep them, and I don’t have anyone in my area who yoyos, and I’m not paying for shipping on something I’m giving away for free.

(Spinworthy Glen) #6

Looks like you’ve reached your max then.

So you can keep them.

(Pantheon Throws) #7

I am confused. :sweat_smile:

(Spinworthy Glen) #8

I just mean you already have what you are allowing yourself.


You’re gonna have to keep lowering the prices or just keep them then. There isn’t really any interest for the throws you’re selling, nothing you can really do about it :confused:


I’m pretty sure that you could get someone to cover a few bucks for shipping for any yoyo that you wanted to give away.

But yeah, short answer is that there are a lot of yoyos out there for sale and fewer people who want to buy used yoyos. Special/collectable throws will always sell easily. More common mint throws in package move pretty well if priced right. But others will just sit until they get cheap enough to be an impulse buy. And honestly, some won’t sell at all. You’ve gotta be realistic about what you’ve got. A vibey scratched Super G? Probably not going to be a hot item.


This is good info. Now I can stop beating myself up about being too lazy to post up some of my yoyos!

(From the cranky old folks home) #12

@Myk_Myk, sounds like as good an excuse as any to keep them. :wink:


If you truly want to move them; put them up for sale on ebay and let the market tell you the value.

(MikeMonty) #14

YoyoGeezer beat me to it, why not just go the old school route and throw them on eBay? If they don’t sell you can always group them into a lot to make them more desirable for the initial bidding.


Oooh shout out to anyone that remembers let’s play yoyo :ok_hand:


DTImike is spot-on. Groups sell way better than single yo-yo’s.


In your case I think it could partially be because of the shipping prices due to your location. All of the prices are + $15 so some folks might be put off by the price tag after shipping. I know it’s a real stink, it’s not your fault at all. The darn shipping costs keep going up every year, it’s hard to send stuff for cheap internationally.

Sometimes it takes a while for stuff to move. I’m sure you’ll find someone to take some of them off your hands eventually! Good luck! :smiley: