Can someone explain this

I’ve been noticing that on the trade boards, there’s always a lot CLYW and OD stuff up for trade. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater of either companies. I had a OD and loved it. Never owned a CLYW so I don’t know. But these companies have huge reputations for being great throws and amazing quality. So I’m thinking to myself, if these are such amazing yoyos, how come everyone’s so eager to trade them? If you’re going to spend the money on them, why not just buy the one you really want from the start?

When I trade, all three times, its because I either never play with said yoyo or I don’t like it. Anyone have some light to shed on this for me? It’s not really earth-shattering but it is an interesting trend I’d like to learn more about.

People get bored with things. If you’re bored with something, you trade for something you want to try. The cycle continues…

Because they are the “hot” yoyo’s right now. They are easier to sell and trade.

Honestly, they probably just got them for the hype and then realized that they arent that good. Dont get me wrong, CLYWs/ODs are FANTASTIC, but they are overhyped and usually dont live up to the hype.

A lot of times someone has multiples. When you have 3 Chiefs and want to try something else, doesn’t it make sense to sell 1 or 2 off so that you can fund that next purchase? Doesn’t mean they don’t like the Chief, it just means they decided they didn’t need 3 of them after all. :wink:

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I always imagined the thought process like this…

  • Person knows OD and CLYW throws are in demand and will sell out quickly
  • Person has unreasonably high expectations for the in demand and popular CLYW and OD throws
  • Person buys the yoyo at release, knowing that they won’t be able to get the yoyo for long
  • Person receives yoyo, and it fails to meet unreasonably high expectations
  • Person sells in demand yoyo on BST, knowing that it will be quick and easy to sell at near retail value to people who didn’t buy one at release

Not to say that CLYW/OD throws aren’t good. I’ve been rocking OD yoyos since my first year throwing. 90% of all my metals are OD. However, people tend to think that just because they are made by some of the best yoyo producers around that the yoyo will fit their preferences.

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Agreed. But, I happen to like OD and CLYW’s.

Maybe because I’m older and at least for me, I can better equate the value of what I’ve spent upon the object. I find those two brands live up to the hype. However much I like them, anyone can hate anything for any reason. I won’t argue people’s preferences. For me, I’d rather someone be happy with the yoyo, regardless of the price.

If you haven’t noticed people are either selling CLYWs because they have multiples or they want different CLYWs. I find it funny when people with 10+ Chiefs are looking for yet another one :wink: never heard of somebody with 10 code 2s yet but I bet someones out there has that many.

Guess what? CLYW and One Drop are main brands here at YoyoExpert. Do you know why? Because they sell so many! More CLYW and One Drops sold = more CLYW and One Drops on the secondary market. CLYW and One Drop are my top 2 favorite yoyo companies. I’ve traded away probably dozens, so I can try other throws from the same companies.

I’m sure you’ve noticed A LOT of yoyofactory yoyos as well. They are a main brand and sell A LOT, so therefore there are more on the b/s/t. It doesn’t mean they are bad throws.

Variety is the spice of life.

Nope! What Nemyo said is completely valid and his opinion. You don’t agree, but that does not make his comment worthy of a thumbs down or anything negative.

This is an excellent way to describe this process. Just because most CLYW throws do not fit my preference (I’m stealing that, Jake, because it’s perfect, thank you) doesn’t mean they are bad yoyos or that CLYW makes bad yoyos. But my expectations of that yoyo were definitely affected by all the praise I kept reading about. Praise is what some people call hype. And I was initially lured in by the idea of “colourways”, splashes, washes, painting and other decorative coatings until I realized they disappeared when the yoyo was spinning. Now the idea of buying a specific ano job isn’t a top priority for me.

But, to answer the OP’s question, people sell what they think will sell. Unfortunately, to combat scalping, Chris cranked his prices to the moon, so those people selling them still think $120 for a used yoyo is a good price. Uh… no thanks.

Exactly. The numbers in the BST reflect that these companies sell a lot of yoyos. More available, means more aftermarket action.

i had some long drawn out attempt at an explanation to merit my appendage angle,
but then pretty much realized your point before you had to post it. deleted it all and said whatev, because we cant delete our replies anymore anyway.

They’re collectible. All those colorways and special editions, limited run sizes, different weights and materials…that’s all there just as much for collecting as it is for play. You don’t need 50 different Chief variations. One Chief anno’d black would be great…but this misses the point and doesn’t move $160 yoyos.

People aren’t trading and selling because they dislike the throws. They’re trading and selling because the fun of doing so is a big part of why this high end yoyo market even exists. In all likelihood, they’re looking to trade for another CLYW anyway.

If I buy a common solid color and strip it, then repaint it, say a chameleon color (paint color changes depending on angle), wouldn’t that be 1 of 1?

No it would not be a 1 of 1 it would just be a yoyo you stripped and re-annoned. You have altered it from the way the manufacturer created it. In my opinon it loses some of its value (from a collector stand point). From a player standpoint you still got a kick *** custom annoed yoyo.

I like trading.