A bad case of impulse buying and regretting later?

Hi everyone, just need your thoughts on this:
I notice that whenever new yoyos are out on the market, they get released equally as fast on the BST section and I wonder why is this so?
Apart from selling due to cash shortage I really don’t see the reason to sell them so quickly again.
Just want to have your $0.02 on this. ???

I think people buy new yoyos because they are planning to BST them anyway.
For example, I wouldn’t like using a Peak or the newer Ministar, but I know that I can easily trade or sell it to someone because they are both rare and a great players.

My $00.02, that is.

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people may get them to try them, and then not like them.

When I buy a yoyo, it’s to try it, maybe write a review and then give it to another person to play with. Spread the love.

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Hmm… I see, not everyone buys yoyos to play them and grow to love them. I understand that every yoyo has its quirks and merits but I have grown fond of every yoyo that I have after getting used their different personalities (I know…yoyos are not exactly alive but I hope you know what I mean). If I were to sell or part with them, it kinda hurts but like Q said…I have in the past given some yoyos to friends to start their journey into yoyoing, so in a way “spreading the love” is the right way to go i guess. ;D