marbles,kendamas, and yoyos oh my!

okay so i knew a shop(called marbles brain store) at my local mall had kendamas so i go there and look around for a minute then ask the guy at the register if they still have kendamas. he replies no but he looks if any neighboring stores do. they do but i don’t want to drive because the stores are a bit further than i would like. so we small talking and he asks why i wanted the kendama i reply for myself. when i say that he heads to the back when he heads out i see a pgm on the counter and he comes back with the store model. he says he’ll sell it 10% off i accept because i already know it’ll get beat up so i didn’t care. When he is ringing me up i ask if he yoyos, he says he doesn’t but the store just started selling pgms and velocities. I ask to play with the display model just to have some fun which I was. The other worker comes over and says it’s very impressive and I tell him a few things about the pgm system with hubstacks. I was with my mom and she mentions that since I have a job i buy yoyos freely. He then replies well you should apply here and hands me his business card to be able to use him as a reference when I apply. So i leave with a nice kendama usa tribute with some damage, and a new job that would sure beat fast food joint. All in all successful mall trip

Cool-aid man! Mall trip was definitely successful! Haha

Nice man! I just hit up a Marbles last weekend, and the guy filmed me yo-yoing because he thought it was awesome. Also, their “Brain-Beats” CD is hilarious

was it a marbles in Illinois that you were filmed?