Making yoyo tricks!

Hi, I was wondering how to come up with yoyo tricks. I have learned a lot of yoyo tricks, and now I was wondering how to make my own, could someone help me? Thanks!

Get your yoyo into your favorite mount. See what you naturally do. Once you know what you would normally do, go back and get into that mount. Are there any other ways you could have gone with the yoyo or string? Are there elements from other tricks you know that might work? Innovation comes from breaking what “rules” have been instilled into you.

2 ways I go about trying to make a new trick; Get into a familiar mount and do something you’ve never tried, or find a mount you’ve never tried and do something familiar.

You really just want to learn as many tricks as you can and eventually you’ll start putting pieces together in your own unique way.

Ohhhhhh, so I could get into a a double or nothing then just land on a random string and do something different with that? Thanks for the help

OK, bear with me.

Skateboarding has many parallels with yo-yoing: it is a solo sport, there are tricks, it requires mastery and coordination to create something new, and you can “feel” a “style” by watching somebody else do it.

Take some inspiration to break tricks into micro-components, shuffle them around, and fit them together in a different way that suits the situation at hand.

For example, I liked the last “bonus trick” jumping down the staircase at the end of this video, I was really inspired by watching other people skateboard at the time.

The best compliment I have ever received in yo-yoing is somebody else using my trick that I came up with.

Have some fun.


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There are some good pieces of advice here.

One thing I try to do is piece 2 or 3 tricks I know together, and add a transitional move if necessary. Common sense, but good practice to get some flow going. Where you place the tricks is part of the fun.

The other thing is taking one element of a youtube trick tutorial rather than digesting the whole if it seems too hard.
Many trick tutorials I’ve watched are really more than I care to put into the hobby, but often there are one or two elements I can use, sort of like a “mini trick”

Another way to put it is absorb what you can do smoothly,even if the trick in its entirety is too hard, Hope this made sense.

Wow, this is really helpful, thank you to everyone who commented I really appreciate it!