Making Your String Rig More Effecient - Tips and Tricks

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So some people were wondering just how I am able to make 50+ strings an hour, claiming that they make strings one at a time. THIS IS A BAD IDEA.

Efficient string making is all about cutting down in time in every way you can. Winding the string, Knot tying, and twisting the string together are all massive time wasters. This thread will try to speed these things up for you.

So, in this thread, I’m gonna give you guys some helpful tips and tricks for making string much faster.


Oh, it should be noted that this won’t work for every kind of string. However, it should give you some ideas to improve your string rig :slight_smile:

The stringing.

The first part of making string is by far the worst and the most time consuming - winding the string between two points. Make it more efficient by using more than one spool!

This is what I have dubbed “The Trident”. It’s pretty simple, just three dowels that are secured into a base. It holds three spools, meaning that I can put down three times the amount of thread on each passing.

Using more spools when winding is probably the #1 thing that you can do to speed things up. Using more spools literally cut the time it takes to make a string in half.



I have ten hooks on both sides of the string, as well as in the middle. This makes everything MUCH faster.

Making strings one at a time means that you spend a TON of time tying knots. This is not good.

Placing lots of hooks next to each other means that you have to tie less knots. Using this method, you can tie one knot, wind the string, then go directly from that hook to the next. It’s super easy to do and saves a ton of time.

First, what you want to do, is tie the thread around the first hook. Then, wrap the string around the first hooks on both side of the string rig, then move on to the next hook over.

So that’s wind around twice (or however many times you need), then right over to the next hook.

Here’s what it looks like with all of the strings wound. Notice how the string goes from hook to hook.

And this is what all the unwound strings look like

An animated guide:

Twisting the string

Alright, on to how to twist the strings.

First off, invest in a dremel, rather than a drill. Dremels tend to have MUCH higher RPM than most drills. My (rather cheap) dremel goes up to 35000 rpm, where as my drill only goes up to 1750.

Now, put the hook attached to the dremel in the loop of string created on the other side of the string rig. Then, twist.

You may want to mark exactly how far to wind the string - Consistent strings are the best strings. I use a 24 inch square to ensure that I get the string exactly right every time.

Then, remove the hook from the dremel, wrap it around the mid point, and secure it to the other side of the string rig.

Take note of how I set up this part of my string rig - I place the hook into the smaller hooker. This cuts down on knot tying time.

Now all the strings should be twisted and folded over.

Finishing the string

Now it’s time to twist the string together. A lot of people just use a yoyo or something to wind the string around, but that’s horribly time consuming.

So, you want to pick up something called a fishing swivel. You can kind them all over the place, but a hunting/fishing store is probably the best place to get them. You want the ball bearing kind, the higher weight the better. You might want to pick up a hook, too. Throw them on a paper clip for convience.

The fishing swivel will twist the string together in about three seconds. This is another excellent way to save time.

Then, just let the string go and move on to twisting the next one.

What it should look like when you’re done twisting all of the strings

Then, tie a knot at the top of the string and cut all of them. You’re done now!

Well, there you are guys. Not the best guide ever, but hopefully it gave you some ideas.

Questions, concerns? LET ME KNOW!




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