Making Your String Rig More Effecient - Tips and Tricks

Inspires me to want to make and sell my own string!

Good for you then!

Even thought I’ve read this like four times, I still don’t understand. :frowning:

Thanks for the guide though! I’ll keep trying lol

What can I help you with?

Make a 2-3 minute video of the setup and winding one string or so. Just to get the solid idea.

Please? ;D Well, right around the beginning of part two is when it just doesn’t click for me. I think I’m starting to get it though. I’m doing lots of yoyo research in general, and among all things, making strings is the confusing part for me. ::slight_smile: Figures! Lol

I’ll have to try it this summer or during holiday break.

Cool guide dude, I am also really liking your latest strings

Thanks! I’ve updated them (again) and now they’re better. Pm if if you want to be added to the list of the next round of testers.

I’ll see what I can do about a video.

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Any video of this maybe? ;D

I’m getting around to it, promise :slight_smile:

It’s a little hard to make a video when you have to hold the camera in one hand, and use your other two hands to make the string.

And I don’t have three hands.

How do you keep the string from snapping. @_@

I don’t get it video please

…i am way too lazy to do this.

Don’t twist it so tight. This guy (Jake Elliott) Really knows what he is doing. We definitely have a VERY talented up-and-coming string maker here

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So about that video.

I’ve been thinking. There seems to be a distinct lack of in depth string making related videos. Would you guys be interested in a video series of sorts explaining some of the basics, as well as some more advanced stuff?

Effects of different kinds of thread, how different tensions effect things, making string rigs more efficient, etc.

I can’t promise anything special, but it seems like it would be a fun exercise.

Let me know what you guys think.


I guess that would be cool, also i found a really good poly thread brand its like 4$ for 700 yards.

I for one would love it. You can find some tutorials on winding string, but nobody seems to be sharing what to look for in a thread. Not that you should share the formula for your own line of strings or anything, but just some general guidelines or at least “which poly threads to NOT BUY”.

I think a basic video explaining the setup and operation is a good place top start. Things like thread types and tension can be left to text articles. If people are too lazy to read them, they’re too lazy to make their own string.

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Hey waitasec, I resemble that comment!

Seriously, though-- start with the setup and operation. I was thinking in terms of a series, there are topics that videos (yes, videos!) haven’t touched on.

Man i really wana see some formulas.