Making a CAD yoyo model tutorial

Shen requested this, but there’s probably a few other people interested in this. I have the video above, and text directions below.

  1. Download eMachineshop.

  2. Complete the tutorial that appears.

  3. Creat a new sheet. Then draw a circle on top view. Give it the diameter you want, but only half the depth. Depth is the Z-Value.

  4. Go to front view. In one half of the gray rectangle, draw the yoyo response and bearing area in a corner. A C bearing is:
    ID- .25 in
    OD- .5 in
    Width- .187 in
    But the Inner and Outer diameter have to be shortened and made longer so the bearing fits. The recess is .5(.187-[your preferred gap width]), and the axle support would be half of your preferred gap width. The video makes that a bit more clear.

  5. Draw the rest of the yoyo, using splines and lines. Set Z to revolve.

  6. View the weight, by hitting Tools > Compute > Statistics. If your happy with the weight, hit the pyramid button to view a 3D model.

Note: Changing from Metric to Standard will mess up some measurements. Not by much, but make sure the bearing seat has the correct measurements after switching back and forth.

Note: Splines are not supported with revolve. It will change them to lots of little lines, which is very hard to work with. Make sure everything looks good before checking the weight and 3D view.

Note: If lines are different colors, make sure that Line > Machine is set to Auto.

Tolerances should be .0002 for the inner bearing post and .001 for everything else. I think.


Nice I needed that