Beginning CAD

I’ve just recently downloaded eMAchineshop to use for CAD, and I haven’t quite learned how to figure it out. Does anybody have, or can make, a good tutorial for how to use it to create yoyo’s?

This. I’d be very interested in this as well. Even if there isn’t such a thing, someone with experience sharing which CAD software to use, which features to concentrate learning on and some general “heres what I would have done differently” comments would be super helpful to anyone curious about CADing their own yoyos.

Maybe re-post in General if you don’t get a reply here? I’m not sure this fits this forum’s criteria, and youd get more eyes there.

Okay. Thanks!

I thought I responsed but I guess not. Lol I use autodesk inventor and u can download a student version for free and it can do all te same stuff. There are detailed tutorials to help u learn and I could give u advice on how it works since I’ve used it almost every day for the past three years.

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I used cadstd free, it’s pretty much self explanatory. It’s easier to draw the yoyo on paper first, then redraw the design in cadstd.

There are plenty of online tutorials for eMachineshop. A quick Google search will get you on your way.

This doesn’t belong in general.

Isn’t so that you’ll have to prove to autodesk that you take a related education to download the free student-version?

I don’t believe so, unless they changed it.

Alright, so I was inspired by this thread to make a nice 2D drawing of a yoyo. What are the sizes for the bearing and response are? I haven’t figured out how to make it 3D yet, but if/when I do I’ll be happy to make a tutorial. It’s really not that hard, doing that tutorial sheet that pops up at the beginning will teach you how.

bearing in inches is .5 x .25 x .375

response is whatever you want really, if you want standard 19 mm pads, then the Outer diameter is 19mm

Thanks a bunch dude!!!

So that is how big the bearing is? What should the depth and width of the recess be? Most yoyos gap width are around maybe 4.5 mm, so maybe .25 mm deep and .25 wide? Or .375 wide? And, what is the thinnest the cup should be with 6061? Is 2mm right?

first off, are you going to design in metric or standard

Metric. It seems to be the only measurement used in yoyoing.

alot of machine shops use mostly standard, that’s why I was asking but it’s up to you.


At least in eMachineShop, it doesn’t seem to matter. You just right click the top and can change it back and forth. I mean, it matters when your designing it, but machine shops would be easily able to convert the two. Maybe not though. I don’t know much about this.

You may run into tolerance issues on the bearing seat if you use the “C” bearing dimensions with a metric design since the dimensions are given in inches and they do not translate nicely to metric.

This too. Since you may know what kind of tolerances do you need for the bearing seat? I’m assuming for the OD .002 should be enough and for the ID the same probably.