Makin' money with a YO

How do you all do it?

1.Find a birthday party

Get one very rare yoyo,
sell it twice it’s price
get two very rare yoyos
sell them twice their price
get four very rare yoyos


  1. Buy a YoYo.
  2. Sell your YoYo.
  3. Rob a bank…

Seriously though, I’m not sure. I’m looking forward to some tips though… :slight_smile:

Practice, practice, practice.

Win some local and/or regional contests to build “brand name recognition”

Get good enough to be sponsored.

Print business cards and start marketing yourself.

Hope for the best.

This may work.

Go out to a busy street or busy place.

Put out a hat.

Yoyo while watching people throw their money into your hat.

Buy more yoyos.


You’ll get an absolutely terrible salary being sponsored. You’d need to work another job.

Check with your local chamber of commerce. most do. Some don’t. Its called a peddlers permit.

i wofk for an entertainment service.

yoyo + hat + street corner or fair = profit

I made seventy bucks at a fair last year.
Just make sure you have permission.

Yeah. I’m struggling to get a vendors license… I’m sorta starting a bday business.