Makes bad choices for YETI CANVAS WERRD and TENYOYO


Okay, here’s my huge old BST thing.

I will make bad decisions for a YETI, CANVAS, anything from WERRD, or TEN YOYO.

Please include 6$ to each price point for shipping. Paypal or BitCoin only. US domestic only.

Fun little four throw case. Its nice and snug. asking $10. Its free if you buy four throws for me to ship in it (exclusions apply)

Three classics. $20 for the stack

Genyo M10 mint $100

Black Blasted Shutter Mint.

Pulsefire 51. Mint, awesome $negotiable

WYYC 2010 YoyoJoker Oroboros $85

C3 Yeah 3 bgrade near mint. cant figure out where the B grade rating comes from

WERRD TFL groovy beefcake $65

String Theory singularity $35 just pin pricks

C3 Halo no real damage. just some dust. $negotiable

TenYoYo Decapod ripped up. love it, good luck but $negotiable

Onedrop Yfactor OGpurp $35

Onedrop 54 with brass SE $65 just a few little marks

CLYW puffin Ninja Hurdles no discernible marks $95

Spin Dynamics OG Smooth Move $negotiable

Onedrop Rally Clear with silver one mark $negotiable

Onedrop Dietz, spanked, great starter $negotiable

Spin Dynamics OG monkey fist

ODxIlly Sakura $85

CLYW FG cliff $95 its gna take a lot of doing to get this one from me. bring me anyting from the WERRD Decision line (1A variants) and its yours.


bump for new setup

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