FT/FS: Yetis. 5 of them And YYE gift cards

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Pinkerton Canvas

Now. Hehe. My yetis. Behold them in the link below - $120 or 2 CLYW for ONE yeti. If you think it’s crazy, don’t message me. I’m fine with keeping them


Oh. And I have an fg purple OG avalanche and a spin dynamics monkey fist which is mint and 100% vibeless

My name is Nehemiah Peterson. I’m from Wisconsin, I’m the Wisconsin state 1A champion, I’m 3rd in Minnesota and 3rd in Indiana. I’m not going to do anything stupid here.

I just need cash for my YoYoExpert gift cards. I have $175 in YoYoexpert gift cards and I was hoping I could get cash for some if not all of them. You PayPal me the money, I’ll message you the coupon codes

Plain and simple

would you consider putting a yeti on ebay want one for my b day

You are the cancer that plagues the BST.


Good luck!!!


Why waste our money on you? Huh? I can just get one for $40 in a month or two…

You piss me off I already got one glad i don’t have to deal with you

Haha we do have some jokers in the community

Wow, you want to make $600 off five plastic yoyos you had nothing to do with?

And people complain CLYW charges $15-30 more than they used to, or other companies charge. Its specifically so this doesn’t happen. Morons. Pay a little more to Chris and have all you want, or have a smaller retail price, less out there, meaning people can justify this crap in their messed up little heads, meaning you have to deal with people like this if you want a yoyo.

This should be locked and deleted!

He isn’t breaking any rules I think…

Unless there is a total scumbag butt rule.

Then he is breaking the rules.

But this isn’t a half bad price I just pm’d him cuz yah know I don’t wanna wait a few weeks to get it for a third of the price (plus in color). Too impatient so I’ll blow an extra 80 bucks man.

I’ll give you $50 for them.


These are gone I know because way back in sept I bought them.

Don’t feed into it Nard!

Are you suggesting he’s trying to scam? :-\

I think he’s saying it’s a necro because he helped Nehemiah out by swapping the cash for the cards already. Back in September. :wink:

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Ding ding ding we have a winner!!! 8)
Thanks Greg!