YOYOs!!!!! trade/sale want yeti

I have my whole collection up for trade/sale looking to get some new throws wants not listed in any order of value no dollar amount is indicated due to the fact i am not really interested in selling but if you want offer lowballs will not be answered with a response.


Yeti{looking for one of these pretty hard}

now for what I have

First run team colors sasquash

Peak custom ano damage shown gone

Peak satined rims got some vibe (trade that went wrong)gone

09 888 looks like a pin prick so going with that smooth though


CLYW bonfire smooth mint with boxgone

milk 3 I have two of these both I have tuned smooth choclate stain not included in shipping

one drop 54 damage shown comes with brass ball inserts also

Ilyy falcon mint smooth


One Drop y factor damage shown smooth

ILYY void damage shown smooth

SPYY pro pin prick only smooth

yoyo officer fit mint

pm me with offers thanks for viewing

  1. Canflon Liopleurodon

  2. Bonfire?

  3. Pearl Falcon

  4. 54

  5. Pro

In case anyone was wondering.

thank you for posting that I totally forgot to put names on them haha you are correct and thank you again

Theres a Yeti on the BST for 60

The Ilyy falcon is not mint there is sharpie all over it. yes they may be sig’s but that still means it is no longer mint