An interesting proposition (CLOSED)

(Pantheon Throws) #1

So. Here’s the situation.
There is an AMS tundra on Facebook BST. Which is my dream yoyo. So because I know I won’t see one ever again, but I currently have no money, I was wondering if someone could buy/trade for this and ship it to me, and in return, I’ll ship you my barely thrown AMS 000, and maybe another throw from my collection if he wants above the tundras retail value.
Here’s the link. I am desperate. Please help.


He said he’s open to trades so just give him a stupid offer

(Pantheon Throws) #3

I did. He wasn’t interested in anything I had.


I could help but I really don’t want the 000. Like… at all.

When could you generate the $?


What else do you have to trade?

(Pantheon Throws) #6

350USD=500CAD, and I am currently looking for work, so I don’t know, but probably awhile. But also, I would pay you back as soon as possible if you did this, and would probably throw in some extra cash for the favor, or possibly a throw from my collection. Whatever would make it worth it to you.


You can PM me

(Pantheon Throws) #8

My collection is currently as follows:

Recrev sinesaw
Recrev silly goose
Recrev mangaroo
Recrev oktave
Smashing crucible
Art sparrow
Art grail
Onedrop code 1
Eternal throw victory
Onedrop 7summit
Clyw glacier express
Clyw manatee
Clyw dune
G2 elite 2018
luftverk AMS 000
Unprld flashback
Yoyofriends hummingbird
Mythril monolith
Offset outlier
ILYY noctu
Monkeyfinger artistry 7075 Caesar

I’d give up a relatively fair chunk of it for that tundra.


I am on the market for a 7summit, if it helps raise funds I could buy it off you.

(ClockMonsterLA) #10

Out of curiosity, what color is the Hummingbird?

(Pantheon Throws) #11

Black, first run one.

(Pantheon Throws) #12

If it would be guaranteeing somehow that I would get the tundra, then I would absolutely. But unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way for that to be possible.


All good, if you want to sell it ever just msg me:)

(Thomas Bellotti) #14

Just wanted to wish you luck here dude. Sounds like it means a lot to you, so I’m pulling for ya.

If someone takes you up on this one, you better take good care of that person when you can haha.

Cmonnnnn tundra

(Pantheon Throws) #15

Thanks! And I would absolutely owe that person to such an unfathomable degree. It’s almost scary :sweat_smile:

(Thomas Bellotti) #16

Haha just think positive. You got it man!

(David Hough) #17

I just messaged him about a possible trade for my Ti Cadence. If we can work something out I’ll take you up on your 000 offer.


If you ever want to sell that Noctu, hit me up.

(Pantheon Throws) #19

Thank you so much to @LinksLegionaire @FourCorner @Sinister_Yoyos @codinghorror @TeeJay for supporting me in this, whether it be through proposing a possible deal, or simply by wishing me luck!

I am happy to say that all thanks to the generosity of one of the people on this list, I have managed to secure the AMS tundra! The fact that this happened serves as proof to me and hopefully to others that the yoyo community is a tight-knit one of people who truly care for others, and who are willing to put out a bit to help a fellow thrower!

Thank you all again for your support, and I hope to see you around! (Maybe at PNWR so I can thank you in person?)

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