LF: AMS Tundra / AntiYo Side Effects

I want to buy your Luftverk AMS Tundra!!!
Also want to buy any AntiYo Side Effects.
I would pref mint or near mint :slight_smile:

i dont care how much you want for them i have the cash ready.

shipping would be to Austria :slight_smile: But have a friend in America who would forward it if international is a dealbreaker for you.

hope i get one soon!

join the club, iā€™m looking for the same thing

all of you stop searching for the same stuff as me xD
i will pay more than him if you sell it to me :smiley:
no offence btw!

I have one, MINT in box, never thrown or handled without gloves. Iā€™d be willing to part with it for the right price.
I would have to check, but I think its #10 /25.


i would be happy to buy it from you. send you a message :slight_smile:

well since he told me he has one but never responded to any message from me i have to bump :frowning: sadly

still searching

bump. pls someone sell me an ams tundra or i cry!

pls bring up my post

top pls

gimme your Tundra pls (bump)