Magnets, how do they work? (magnetized counterweights)

Worked on these today.

Lots 'o fun!

I used two standard 16mm dice and put 4 powerful magnets (not sure if they are neodymium or not, but they are certainly powerful!) in each one.

This was actually a fairly difficult mod to do. Getting the magnets to sit correctly in the die and then securing them was a pain in the neck.

My objective with these was to combine the mobieus style and the dual dice style. I’m pretty terrible at both of these things, but I’ve been able to come up with a few tricks.

Combined, they weigh a few grams more than a duncan dice. They are a great weight for DD (between a standard 16mm dice and a duncan dice).

Also, this was my first mod that landed me in the ER. Always wear your safety goggles kids :slight_smile:

Wow! A really cool mod to do! But exactly how does this work?

One die slides down the string and the other is fixed at the end.


I’m not sure I understand how these make mobius/5A style. Why the magnets? Got a video clip of some basics?

You can make loops with the counterweights that work a lot like the slipknot in mobius.

I see, very interesting.

That’s cool Jake. Just keep them away from the bearings.

Trust me, I had no intention to combine the two :slight_smile:

if they come in contact, put it in a cookie sheet and bake for a few minutes. (should demag it)

LOL, I highly doubt they are that strong…

coughwas being slightly sarcasticcough

Lol, ok, I was like… umm…?

lol :smiley: