Magnetic Flux

this is a cool video using Yoyofactory yoyo’s
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they are G5 Andonized edition yo-yo’s with Z-Stacks and Magnets.


Neat-O. :slight_smile: By the way, What does G5 stand for?

I don’t know. (Grind 5?)

That’s it. It’s the 5th grind yoyo. The others are grind machine, grind monster, grind mutant, and grind master.

Awesome, I hope can sell magnet Z-stacks. Thanks for sharing a video yoyoman. :smiley:

Happy Throwing! =]

^^ you’re welcome! and there is not going to be magnetic Z-stacks unless Zach makes them :frowning:
but there will be a yo-yo that will be made by Duncan that will be very similar.

Will be? It’s already out, it’s called the freehand mg, and it’s $450.

Y are there 2 of these vids.

this was from 2009 please dont bring back old threds

wasn’t this already posted by born2yoyo?

I know that is wat i am saying.