Magicyoyo n9 vs t10 vs hubstack afterglow

Like the title says i was wondering which one is best. An if you can’t tell i want a hubstacked yoyo. Im also open to suggestions for others under $50. Thanks

Magicyoyo N12 is the only magicyoyo I really like unless you count the K series but that’s still pretty hard to find. The pads in magicyoyo are not standard size either. The hubgstack afterglow has too much centerweight and is too light to be a decent yoyo.

There’s also:
Yoyojam Surge
Yoyofficer kilter
Yoyofficer Lava
Yoyofactory Shutter (my personal choice)
Onedrop Rally
Duncan Torque

Any of those would be a good decision

Lol thanks but i actually have all of those. And im looking toward a hubstack yoyo


auldey luminous?