Magicyoyo Katana

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Anybody here own a Magicyoyo Katana?

I’ve never played a bi-metal before, and this one has piqued my interest. I’m not a fan of V shaped yoyos, and a lot of bi-metals seem to be V shaped. That’s kind of why I like this one.

I’m sure it’s a great yoyo, but I’m just curious to hear other people’s input.


I think there was a Brandon Vu video on it. I haven’t tried it myself but he’s pretty trustworthy as far as yoyo reviewers go.

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Yea, Dylan Kowalski has nothing but good things to say about it. I think it might be next on my radar. I don’t have any bi- metals, and I like the design of it


It’s a great yoyo! More W shaped, but it does have a bit of an angular feel in the hand. If you don’t like V shaped yoyos because of the way they feel in the hand, the Katana isn’t much better. It is one of the most stable ones I own though by far.

My personal favorite bimetal from them is the Stealth. It’s a bit more organic feeling and less angular (a little more retro feeling), also made of 7075 with a steel ring. It is BY FAR the most used bimetal in my collection. The others I have are so expensive that I’m afraid to take them with me lest they be damaged. But the Stealth was $45 new and with the 7075 it’s very durable. I’m sure the weight rings could come loose if you smacked it hard enough, but that’s a potential problem for any bimetal really. The stealth also has great finish on the galaxy colorway, super smooth and great for grinds, and the cup is perfect for fingerspins (Horizon style cup).

Similar to it is the Vulfgang, but that one is pretty hard to find I think.

And frankly, for performance vs. price…you can’t find a better deal IMHO.

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@GizzmoTheGreat Wow, thank you for the short review! The only gripe that I have about the stealth, is that it has almost the exact same profile as the clyw compass, which I was not crazy about. Otherwise, it looks like a pretty awesome yoyo. Maybe the fact that it will play differently from the compass will make it more enjoyable?


@smileypants707 I can’t speak to the Compass, I’ve not thrown one. I imagine that the Stealth would feel a bit different though, for two reasons. It’s about 2 grams lighter but the bimetal properties will make it feel powerful on the throw. The Stealth isn’t what I would consider undersized, but it’s somewhat small by present day standards I think, so it feels “compact” for lack of a better term, but that’s sort of what I like about it.

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The compass is not very rim weighted or powerful compared to any bimetal I own, so i don’t think it’ll play even remotely similar to the stealth.

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So, is the general consensus stealth>katana?


In my opinion…yes. But I’ll caveat that this is based almost entirely on my personal preferences.

Both are completely excellent throws. I just like the Stealth better mostly because of it’s shape. For long throwing sessions it’s a little less “smacky” on my hand…if that makes any sense. Also I like fingerspins, and they’re better on the Stealth.

You wouldn’t be going wrong with either one if you want to get a sense for how a bimetal feels. The fact that they’re 7075, have excellent finishes, and don’t cost much makes either a great choice.

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Well most people do actually like the stealth more though. Overall, the katana is actually really good but it feels sharp when it goes back to ur hand *pun intended

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They did pretty much the nail the concept of the yoyo visually. It does look inspired by a katana.


Sorry to muddy the water, but this is coming soon:

Supposed to be $50-60 and sounds like it’s really nice.

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I wish i could watch that but im in school and youtube is blocked. I saw your post in the yoyo designers facebook group though, it got me the “i ned to buy this ;-;” vibes. Can i have the specs btw?


Wait why is apathy related to katana? I am not following.

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Bi-metals. Both 60ish bucks. Apathy is in hype-town. Katana is meh, because HYPE. 4 letters in hype. Two yoyos (apathy+katana). 4+2=6. Apathy has 6 letters. Katana has 6 letters. 666.

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A search in the YYE store for bimetals in the $35-55 range bring up four models, all of them from TopYo, and they run the gamut from $35 to $55 ($60 for the Raiser v2.0). This would seem to make them the main competitors of the Stealth or Katana. I wonder how the MagicYoyo models compare to the TopYo models in terms of play feel and performance.

I don’t have a MagicYoyo throw, but I do have a TopYo Dominator ($70) and it is an excellent yoyo, one of my favorite bimetals in fact. Another (under-appreciated, IMO) bimetal is the bimetal Superstar which comes in around $45-50 depending on where you get it.

So while the options for a high quality bimetal under $60 are somewhat limited, MagicYoyo isn’t the only game in town.