Magic yoyos for more experienced players?

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #22

I think the stealth is also 7075, but im not sure lol

({John15}) #23

Yep. 7075 with stainless steel rings. Same for the katana

(Spinworthy Glen) #24

Oh whoops. I misread, I meant the Silencer, not the Stealth. I mixed up my magics.


Aha, I wasn’t aware of the 2015 M001 Silencer. Indeed, 6061 with 6061 ring… sort of a style thing there I guess, the Silenus did this as well in its non-splash releases.

(ChrisFrancz) #27

I have a Silencer and really like it…

(Spinworthy Glen) #28

Yeah it’s good for sure. Just a little odd and thin.


I suspect when people talk about “stripping” yoyos they really mean “cross-threading”.

I mean, either way it’s screwing up the threads because they weren’t careful.


Had my N12 for 3 years and it never stripped. Although I’ve never had any yoyo seriously damaged from cross threading. I just take care whenever I put them back together.



(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #32

I meant it for beginners, as they tend to ding and open their yoyos alot. Also, screw the halves NOT carefully. But it just might be my experience with beginners

(Justin Thompson) #33

Sorry, I have no idea what I just did there

(Justin Thompson) #34

I know it’s off topic, but since you brought it up, how do you feel about the Silenus? Have you played one? Tom at TnB’s had lots of praise and you n him seem to agree for the most part

(ChrisFrancz) #36

Silencer, you mean? It’s in my top 3.


Hotdiggidy is really a great yoyo - the second run has blast finish in the cups so that’s the one to look for. Very comfortable in the hand, super stable, long spin time and a finger grind lip AND fingerspin dimple. IMO it’s the best budget metal around. VERY good player and super fun.

(Justin Thompson) #38

Sorry for the confusion, I meant to direct that question @codinghorror since he brought up the Silenus. I know its not a MYY so probably not polite for the thread. However my fav MYY’s as you well know are the N12 and V6. Matter fact I’m about to put a Buddha bearing in my V6 right now!


Yes, I like the Silenus shape quite a lot. One of my favorites. Great deal for the $ on splashes as well, like most TopYo splashes.

(Justin Thompson) #41

Thanks buddy, I think I might just pick one up, can’t beat the price/praise ratio. And hey thanks again for sending me that mystery Christmas present.

(Jim Honaker) #42

I totally agree with the Silenus. It is fantastic for the price and I really like the finish on it. It has a nice matte and great splash.

(Francisco) #43

Yeah I destroyed the n12 in three days. Didn’t take much, no cross threading, just over tightened. Got to the end and it started spinnng freely. Halves wouldn’t stay together after that.

(shubham) #44

The people who don’t like splashes and want a decent throw should go for magic yo-yo.