Magic Yoyo N6?

I want a mirror finish yoyo simply to look good. How nice is the finish? I dont mind polishing it up

if you want a mirror finish yoyo, why not just satin and polish one you already have?

Cause i love the colourways i have.


magic yoyo finish, as i assume you mean the shiny sliver one is actually clear anodize, and they quite shiny.

Well, if you want a mirror finish, you’re going to have to sand and polish one to get to the kind of finish you want. If you just want to shine it up, any good metal polish will be more than sufficient for your needs.

Well I would just like a very shiny yoyo. Something to look nice, not a good player. I’ll polish it up with some metal polish.

The N6 is veeeery shiny. Like chrome-plating shiny. No need to polish.

The performance though…

Yea i dont care about that