Magic drops, kamakazies....and bind returns.....?! Oh my!

So kamikaze took me forever to learn…got it and seem to now have mastered magic drops, yay! However, for some reason oddly, I am struggling with my bind returns… YES bind returns, soooooooo weird.

Have you tried pinching the string?

Ya, im pinching my string. I got them, its just weird how much they suffered after I was done learning it. I practiced them again and got them down, but I just didn’t figure my bind returns would ever suffer seeing how much you do them. Maybe I was just having to wrap my yoyo because of all my failed kamikaze attempts ;D.

Wait, do you know how to do a restart?

No, I skipped over the snap start and what not in the tutorial section and went back to try and learn it and never succeeded. I just can’t snap start it, and that is the only one I know about. I really haven’t thought about them till you mentioned them just now. Great idea, maybe its time to learn a start. What are you thinking?

Snap and hand starts were/are the best things for people to learn. Saves string tension and time to get throwing again. Although I’ve got to say, since learning snap starts and using those exclusively, I’m not too sure I can hand start any more :stuck_out_tongue: