magic drop

i will change and try to explain my problem better, but when i do the underpass, there is an extra wrap around my thumb, and the side of the yoyo closest to my body. i can sometimes pop it out like the dismount from gyroscopic flop, but i dont have time during combos, and i feel inadequate not landing it smoothly.

im bummed

here is a black shirt video, sorry i am pretty unclear, i just do not know the best way to explain my trouble

thanks nation of skill and style


by the way i am so glad i found this site and started yoyoing again, this community is a wonderful thing

It looks like the your yoyo isn’t poping off the string when you do the underpass. Try putting the string on you non throwhand around the top of your hand more. And aim for the tip of your finger. Magic drop is tough and just takes practice. you’ll get it though.

I agree. Don’t let the yoyo just wrap around. You literally need to pop off your finger. I will explain this in more detail as I make a video for you.

Also look at these videos for extensive help:

I had a lot of trouble figuring out the magic drop, as do quite a few people on here I see. Then I watched the video Samad most generously posted and I instantly saw it. You have to do a “thumbs up” with your throwhand. I see in your video you are leaving your thumb and pointer parallel to the ground. Try turning your thumb upwards and see what happens. If this doesn’t correct your problem then I have no idea. I am pretty sure this will help others just learning the trick, though, so I felt it needed posting.

You can also just twist your left hand, so that the two strings are separated. Then, just let it swing around your hand, and just imagine that it is going to land on a string. Thats what i did after reading something, and it worked. Imagine its gonna go across without any problems.

it looks like hes left handed so you mean right hand =P and ive found that the more you can separate the two strings the easier it is to have the yoyo reject the string and land on the back one then