Magic drop tricks?!

I dont really know much tricks involving magic drops so if you know any or can make me one i would love that.

Shockwave and Kamikaze are two tricks that use magic drop. Those tutorials are on this site actually. Also, try making up four own tricks that use magic drop as well!

Try this one:

Gyroscopic Flop (Hard Version)

  1. Perform A Magic Drop

  2. Mount The Yo-yo On The Back String

  3. Drop Your Thumb

  4. Pop The Yo-yo Into The Air , And Land It In Front Of The Strings (The Yo-yo Should Be Hanging By 2 Strings On One Side , And 1 String On The Other)

  5. Grab The Strings With Both Hands , And Pull Tight (When You Pull , It Should Look Like A Rectangle With The Yo-yo On The Bottom Strings)

  6. Move Your Hands Up And Down A Little To Control The Spin (When The Yo-yo Is Straight Again , Bring Your Hands Back In)

  7. Look Into The Yo-yo Gap

  8. Pull The String To The Side It Is In (Example : You Look Into The Gap (Look Into It From Above) , And The String Is In The Front , Grab The String That Is Looped Into The Yo-yo , Push In , Push Forward)

  9. Drop The String (Carefully) (It’s Good To Drop The String In Your Yo-yo Hand First)

  10. Drop The Rest Of The String , Tug , And Catch

I can never seem to land the magic drop, the string never flies off my thumb like andre does it.