Magic drop help please!?!?!

So I’ve actually been working on this for about two weeks and still he not landed it correctly even once as it always lands on the front string. Can someone give me special hints or tips regarding this trick that may help or that I haven’t been getting? Watched a couple videos but try haven’t really helped as they are all the same thing… Please help?

ditto. Mine lands on both strings. I can get the string to reject by angling my hands on a bit of a diagonal instead of keeping them parallel each other

I would suggest the following:

  1. After you are in the trapeze only move your non throwhand.
  2. Make certain the thumb on the throwhand is up.
  3. Experiment with the direction your throwhand index finger is pointing, it can change which string, strings you land on.
  4. Also you may try swinging the yo at different angles with your non throwhand while in the trapeze. For example instead of coming straight across angle it more towards the tip of your throw hand index finger. Experiment!
  5. You may be thinking about it to much. Throw it while thinking about something else. Sometimes new learning interferes with old learning. In other words the harder you try the worse you will do.
  6. If you should land it, stop think about how it felt and what happened. Try to take a break on your best attempt. Your muscle memory will appreciate it.
  7. Shorter practice sessions or mix it up so you aren’t just attempting the drop over and over for long periods of time.

I believe it was Jrod, that once advised someone to allow the yo to come over and drop. Not so much of a roll around the finger but a little hop. I hope I recalled that point correctly.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve actually learned a lot while working on it, I tend to learn a couple at a time so I can alternate

I’ll throw my 2 bits in.  The above video has it right, the ‘L’ shape has to stay up, and stay still.  You’ll really want to move it to help the yoyo along, but keeping it still is what causes the rejection.  Here’s my tut if you don’t still have it down.