Magic Drop Help... again...

So, I tried to learn magic drop once, got frustrated and after a 2 weeks of failing decided to skip it. Now After a month or two I’m coming back to it and after another week, I still have made no progress. When I go to throw it over my throw hand a few things go wrong.

A. The “snap” when the string around one’s thumb suddenly snaps down lower doesn’t happen 80% of the time or it happens way late.

B. I land it on 2 strings even when it does snap.

C. I sometimes miss everything altogether and it still doesn’t snap.

Ive watched many tutorials on different sites and I can’t get this to work at all. I really could use some help.

Hmmm…I never really focused on this "snap you keep refering to. I threw a few drops and watched for it and I think I see what you’re talking about but I learned this trick without considering this string movement on the thumb.

I would suggest the following:

  1. After you are in the trapeze only move your non throwhand.
  2. Make certain the thumb on the throwhand is up.
  3. Experiment with the direction your throwhand index finger is pointing, it can change which string, strings you land on.
  4. Also you may try swinging the yo at different angles with your non throwhand while in the trapeze. For example instead of coming straight across angle it more towards the tip of your throw hand index finger. Experiment!
  5. You may be thinking about it to much. Throw it while thinking about something else. Sometimes new learning interferes with old learning. In other words the harder you try the worse you will do.
  6. If you should land it, stop think about how it felt and what happened. Try to take a break on your best attempt. Your muscle memory will appreciate it.
  7. Shorter practice sessions or mix it up so you aren’t just attempting the drop over and over for long periods of time.
  8. As the holiday season is approaching you may find that sending me a gift might also improve your karma! ;D

Good luck

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That’s good advice from skitrz. I actually keep my thumb pointed both out to the right (I throw right handed), and I emphasize popping the yoyo up, rather than around my hand. Good luck!

:smiley: Anyone is welcome to send me wads of cash if they want to improve their karma. Just shoot me a pm. :slight_smile:

Thanks Skirtz for the advice. I just landed the trick 4 times in a row… only on the front string instead of the back. Any tips for that?

You might try to rotate the index finger of your non throwhand so it points down a bit as the yo pops up over your throw hand. This will move the bottom string toward you and allow a more direct path for the yo.

I’m glad you are hitting now! That’s such a good feeling now remember to stop after a good one.

Haven’t hit the back string yet.

For me, it’s a combination of pointing my non-throw index kind of down and away (to move the bottom string out like skitrz said) as well as aiming the yoyo towards the inside as it comes around.

Here’s what I mean…throw a trapeze, but try to make it barely miss the string on the inside (so that it doesn’t land on the string, but the outside rim passes right next to it). That’s kind of what you’re wanting to do (but in the opposite direction obviously). Make sense? Hope that helps.