Madhouse Rad?


Any thoughts? Specs can be very mysterious at times, but judging by the specs of the Rad it seems like it would be pretty dense/heavy…

(major_seventh) #2

Ive only thrown one once awhile ago but if I remember right it was almost similar to a G5. The z stacks might’ve deceived me though lol


Are you confusing the Rad for the Madhouse Epic? haha


It doesnt feel to heavy to me. But i will warn you, rads have vibe, and are string eaters.

It plays similar to a chaotic, and in a way plays similar to a popstar, but a bit floatier and bigger. A fun throw nevertheless!

(major_seventh) #5

WUPS that was the epic xD

(M.DeV1) #6

I like mine. It dosen’t vibe all that bad. Just a small feelable vibe. If anything I like it. It plays very solid considering its weight to its small size. And mine dosen’t eat string.