I never said they were better than yours I was just saying I don’t need to buy string I’ve been making my own string for a while

I was just playin’ hehehehehe!!

SKYhighyo’s string almost done-

Look at that Orange/black and yellow/black mix!!! Dang love that mixture!!


paperclips FTW!!!

Okay, today I finished Skyhighyo’s string, and jamesmays has been finished, so.

The strings are hopefully shipping out early Monday, if skyhighyo makes the payment.

That makes the list open to 5 more :).

Ill buy some orange ones

Might have to quit string making. I know so far a few people like it.

I’m only going to produce the Yellow Slick string. It’s not super slick, but it’s comfortable.

I’m just don’t like making a whole bunch of different colors, it gets stressful.

So, we can VOTE>

Jamesmay says the yellow is Great string, and the others are horrible.




(By the way, I can get other colors for the slick string)

Bump 8)

i like the yellow ones, but they wear out faster… I like the poly more.

They are poly…

This is something different from You Know What…

I’ve made string from the exact same thread and that’s the problem I have. It’s great for whips slacks and holds tension for an hour or to then it out of no where holds no tension what so ever.

If I were you I would recommend trying to come up with a good blend of the slick and softer threads.

Also why would you have people even able to vote for a horrible string? Just take your best string and do that one.


Gosh guys…

My Yellow thread is soft and good, it’s way better then the others.

For me it has hold tension for a while…

It is my best, people said the other was rough and not good for any whips or slacks.

This stuff is.

Please PM me instead of posting for everyone to see…

Now people might think my thread is horrible and my string is to. But the Yellow is really good…


You have to learn how to take criticism bro. You arent gonna make the best yoyo string at first try. How about combineing the 2 threads?

Learning to adapt to your customers ideas is key. Defending yourself makes you look very stubborn and like the train wrecks on american idol who cuss out the judges when the judges say they suck. Not to that extent, but you should take criticism.

On the other hand, your painted yoyos look amazing (most of them lol)!