Mad On Making String

Hey All,

I recently was have trouble getting the strings I wanted in any good time.
I had seen lots of comments from people saying Make your own String.
So I decided to give it a go.

I have to say that it is easy, and Fun.
They play good too.[/IMG

I have made over 30 different colours to match different throws.
I have tried making different types too 9x1, 12x1, 3x3 and 2x6.
And Using different materials e.g. Poly, Rayon, Cotton, Silk.

Just to let you know how mad I am, I have done these by hand. No Drill. Just Duct Tape, Paper clips, Thread and TV.

Let me know what you think of the Picture (if it worked).

Let me know if you have gone Mad on Making String Too


I love making my own string and all, but BY HAND?

I don’t whether to respect your patience or think of you as crazy.

Definitely Crazy, But Crazy Good Right.

I hope to get a cordless drill soon, but It’s not gonna stop me Making my first Cotton/Poly Blend Tonight.


If you want a tool for only making string, a dremel would probably be easier to operate and cheaper than a cordless drill.

Well actually out this way a dremel sells for $70-$200.

A Cordless drill can be picked up for $40.

Also I do need a new drill anyway. There is always something in need of fixing.


I spin by hand now a days too. It takes less time then you’d think. ;D

But nice looking string. :slight_smile:

Yeh It Doesn’t take that long.
I certainly don’t need to make them that often either.

My first ‘successful’ string has had well over 30 Hours of Play on it, it’s barely fuzzy and still plays great.

Thanks for the kind words Trace, Have you been Twisting Long?


I do mine on a drill press…

Been making my own for a little over a year but I’m not that good at it yet.

I find that the colors can tend to mix of there own accord. I found that holding the colors apart helps.

Plastic Whip, How do you get the height on a drill press?
For the Thread length I mean.

I did a string with 6 Black and 6 White twisted as one bunch and the colours do scatter at points.
Then I twisted 6 black together, 6 white together and then both bunches together.
Very good colour definition on the second one.