Macrocosm vs. Mo-Vitation

Now that I’ve pooled together enough money for a nice new metal throw, I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Rebel Macrocosm and the C3 Mo-Vitation. The former really caught my eye with the amazing and unique colorways and very good price. When I saw the latter however, I was also struck by the awesome looks, and supposedly it plays amazingly. Any thoughts on either (or both)?

macrocosm plays slow and heavy

Haven’t tried the motivation but I’ve yet to have a bad C3

Thanks, but I actually settled on a discounted albatross I found somewhere else.

You should have given us a “Thanks for playing”.

Between choosing between A and B, you choose secret choice C.

On the positive side, the Albatross is one heck of a fine yoyo. I hope you enjoy it tremendously. GSquared really has their A-Game in high gear with their models!

The mo-tivation
But what’s your preference

Sorry XD. The thread had gone on so long I decided to just look for advice elsewhere and made a different choice. And I’m definitely looking forward to my albatross. I got to try one at the NER but only for a couple minutes. A tantalizing taste of what’s to come.

The thread started on the 20th and 2 days later was too long?

Wow. That’s kind of impatient. Take your time. You’re spending some decent cash, ensure you’ve done your research.

However, of the three, I can’t see anything wrong with the Albatross, and I think the Mo-Vitation might be heading to my wants list. The Macrocosm isn’t an item of interest to me. However, those who have thrown it have liked it from what I’ve been able to read.

I’d like a Mo-Vitation or Dark Sonic some day… I just want that dimpled fingerspin area. :wink: I can matador to fingerspin with spikes, but hopping up to fingerspin would be rad.

Sorry, maybe I should have elaborated. 2 days was enough time for me to decide to look into some other options. How does looking at different sources to make sure I’ve made the best choice make me impatient?