Macklemore - I Said Hey


Yea, it’s whatever. Comment! I’ve been trying to develop my own style ever since this video.


Awesome!!! and you really didn’t make that many mistakes!


Thanks a lot bro! Im gonna make another vid sometime


2:47-BEAST MODE! Nice, man, loved it!!!


Great demonstration of advanced skills. Great work. Thanx.

(Let’s all strive to be very mindful of the lyrics in the music we are throwing to.)


[size=7pt]Guess it’s good I had my volume off…


Thanks! I wish I still did slack tricks like that

Thanks a lot bro. I’ll try to be more careful with music choice next time! At least I’m not smoking or taking shots from my yoyo, ya know? :slight_smile:


Sweet video, Subbed


Just saw Macklemore at NYC. He was off the hook!