a natural

i thought everyone should see it it is awesome
song language warning

nice style great vid.

that trik at 59 was kiler bro

that is awesome… :o



How long have you been yoyoing?

You’re crazy good! You are now one of my fav players.

Man , it was like some promo video, very nice job ;D

killer, man.

Man?! Seriously?!

He’s a Beast!

Who is this guy?

He was at Alabama States. Pretty cool guy. He took second I believe.

hehe guys i think i should clarify
this is not me i found this vid thought it was really good so i posted it here

I just figured that out. lol

Woot! Go kid Cudi! Sick style, what yoyo?

YYF Protostar.

This guy is the sickness.