So I decided to try something new today. I set up a camera, hit record, and decided to try to pull off as clean of a freestyle as I could in one take (as in no re-do if I messed up a bunch, just record, freestyle, thats it.) I made it a true freestyle by using a song I have never tried using before, and not having any tricks planned.
So in the end, here is the result. Yes its over standard 3 mins, just wanted to use up the song.

Anyways, might do more in the future, see what I can pull off on the fly.



Pretty nice you have an awesome style

I really love your style, so much swag. Just please people stop using Skrillex, sooo old now. It was like good at the beginning of last year, now that’s all I can ever hear anymore when I’m watching a yoyo video, haha.

if you listen closely, you will find its the ponified version, hence why I used it as a joke, haha

Lol you really took this as a real freestyle haha. You even did the “Come one” hand motion! Other than that nice tricks as always :wink:

im trying to find a good song for PNWR so im doing this a lot

Great freestyle/vid as always dude.

Really? Cool, haha. I noticed it sounded slightly different from the original one, I couldn’t tell what it said though. Lol