practice freestyle

so this is just a practice freestyle with some of my new concepts and tricks

I dig, you are looking good, some of it looked a bit repetitive but not bad at all. I like it a lot, you actually gave me a couple of ideas and I thank you for that.

well the production value was terible, and i couldn’t see the string on your shirt, and you still have some kinks to work out, but the tricks were really good. keep practicing it dylan

i liked your camera man’s socked foot! cant see your string, but nice tricks

hi what is the first trick
and you have video or name of trick ?

the first trick is a combo of three tricks all invented by myself top spin plus reverse top spin plus revesrse side slinger :slight_smile:

Dude, you’re so raw. Are you sponsored?

why yes i am by rebel yoyos and u should come grab my new yoyo once it comes out

Oh snap. Indeed, I should.

didnt you go to PNWR last year

i love your horizontal playing… keep it up !