Mach 5

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I am practising mach 5 and I can do it easily right now. The only problem is that i keep getting layers of string on my throw hand pointer. is this supposed to happen… if not, please help me out here.


Yes-That is what happens. Generally, you shouldnt do more then 3 rotations though.


well you can do 10 revs if you want, but make sure the yoyo is closer to your throwhand than nonthrowhand, because it moves closer and closer to nonthrowhand as u rotate.

Btw, if you use gloves, you can do them at the speed of light without burning XD


XD I knew somone would say this. While you can actually do more, more then 3 isnt needed, because hose 3 are only counted in, like, sontests or something.


yeah, but when entertaining the crowd, its fun to do tons because mach five is like one of those “Magical” tricks that actually entertain the crowd XD


i like the trick but some times i get nots :frowning:


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Was there a point to that?

And I don’t see how you’d be getting a knot. Are you dismounting properly?


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How can you tell the top posters?



Well, in my opinion, it’s about the quality of the posts not the amount of them, but we’re starting to get off topic.


those are supposed to be their. all you have to do is go to the normal dismount spot and then just drop everything


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