Mach 5 Variations?

Are there any other things you can do with or add to a Mach 5/7 style trick? For example, with the Boingy-E-Boing, there is the Takashi Boing like an “Advanced Boingy-E-Boig” sequel trick. Is there a Takashi Mach 5 or an “Advanced Mach 5” variant.

Pop N Fresh :wink:

Initially had to skip over that trick simply because I couldn’t do it and couldn’t get it to feel natural. I’m glad you pointed that out because I can almost do the Trick Ladder, now and that is one of the tricks I need to go back and work on.

Boing-E-rBoing was the same way for a while, then I picked it up one day and can just Boing all I want to.