MA States

So anyone else here going to the MA States?
Lot creative and recognized throwers here.

I hoped you enjoyed MA States. I thought it was a good contest. Well organized (as usual), Graham did his usual great job as MC, lots of great freestyles. Last but not least, how can you not stop at Herrel’s Ice Cream on the walk back to the garage? No better way to finish a long day of yoyo!

Have to agree with you French, an amazing event. As my the first contest I have attended (as a spectator of course) it was a great welcoming experience. To see Graham do what he does best in person is a real sight to see and with all the great talent and awesome people, couldn’t have been better. Thanks Andre for making it EPIC.

Yeah, it was fantastic. I had my braces bands put in the day before so my teeth hurt a whole bunch, but hey, I won a Vanguard. Definitely gonna be a blast next year.

Sounds like a great event, I would definitely like to go next year!