MA meetup?

Would anybody be interested in having a meet in MA, maybe around where i live, there is a pretty big lake with picnic tables and that kind of stuff, maybe like before or after the NH meets. Just wondering if anybody would go.

You know I’d go…

I’d suggest something in the Boston Commons…

Well, if you live in Nashua it would be quicker for both of us to go somewhere around where i live. It would be an hour drive to my place from Nashua or 2 hours to Boston for you, an hour less for me

Its only 30 mintues to Boston…

Also there are many player local in Boston so I’d think it would be a great location to put the meet in the Boston Commons.

I don’t know if id go anymore if you moved it farther away

it takes me an hour and a half to get there lol

The commons would be pretty cool but i dont think i would be able to organize it then

I am not moving the NH meet, it will stick at Greeley. I am just recommending where he should put the location if he’d want to do a MA meet. ;D

Slowly raises hand

I’m working on a meet soon guys


Sure, i’d come. Its only 30-45 minutes from where gizz and I live, so i’d come.

Where though?

oh okay i mean i wouldnt mind driving down there every so often but not every meet

I’de go.

where do you live?

Why not make this a seperate event? That way we can have 2 meets a month…i would LOVE that…

i need people to help me out with tricks, so if anyone’s interested, I could hold a meet every Sunday @ turners pond Milton MA

I’d go. But not every sunday. BTW when I did that trick and you said I was showing off were you kidding or did you accually want to learn it?

I am trying to learn every trick I can

Especially since at the rate of once a month, I get like, 24 hours to learn tricks before MA states…gotta start preparing early, already started learning horizontals

Theres actually one already every month. Heres the info link

i live about an hour and a half away from Northhampton

There’s a meet this Saturday (September 26th) on the Boston Common. We’re planning on meeting in the gazebo, which is a big white structure in the middle of the Common.

Plan to be there around noon. Anyone who wants to come is welcome to do so.