hey guys, I’m holding a MA meetup this saturday,

Turner’s Pond
Milton, MA

RSVP IMMEDIATELY, pm for more info

(DOGS) #2

You should’ve given us more notice instead of posting it today. And It may help to post the info HERE so we don’t have to wait for you to PM back.

I’m not gonna be there. I’m going to a car show in Fitchburg.


yeah i need to know at least 2 weeks in advance and even then…


Ill go!! any more info time? people need to know this

once i know what time and where it is exactly ill tell Morgan, Ben, Zach, Zach’s brother, Graeme, Davis, Jeff, Jim, Dom, Andrew, and Troy


noon to 5 (or longer if you guys want to stay :wink: )

we’ll meet at the front entrance, which is the one with a few signs, one of which reading “turners pond” Google map it for instructions

Grame stellar?

sorry for the short notice, needed to try a protostar/Northstar by wendsday


is it by the school or the other side


other side


i need a list of who is coming for sure.


cant make it


Too short of notice, won’t be there.


so, nobodys coming, guess it’s canceled…