m1 yoyo hub stacks

ok i have alot of questions :frowning: lol what hubstacks can the m1 yoyo have? and are they just as good as the 888 or g5 hubstacks, can i do everything i can with a 888 that on a m1 with hubstacks? thanks

You cant put hubs on M1ā€™s. Iā€™m not sure if you can put then on the old one, but you cannot put them on the new ones at all. Also, I wouldnt think that you could put them on the old one because of the axle.

the axle isnt the problem the nuts are pushed in with a 1 ton press geting them out would be a marvel to do without breaking the yoyo. (i had the same thought and researhed it)

Actually, after researching, you can do it, after extensively modding it,