M1 hubstacks??

I was on yyn and i read that a pgm is modder fodder for m1 hubstacks. What the heck is he talking about??

I guess You can use the guts of a PGM to hubstack an M1.

schweet too bad you cant just buy a kit for it though

Also, this is one of those “extreme mods” that will void your warranty (if there is one) as well as possibly badly mess up the yoyo. First way: you push down to take the hex nuts out and break the metal or something. Second way: you get them out fine and then the new axle thing is horribly positioned. Other than that, have fun I guess.

I would also say that (at least to me and a few others) an L3 feels almost identical to an M1, even though it has a slightly different shape for the rims and is a tiny bit bigger. If you get it from here (http://www.yoyoz.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=304) (which would be better because the bootlegged things have been taken off) you can get the YYF hubstacks and Dif-e-yo Konkave (C size) you can get it just how it was made, but the real parts. It plays like a beast too.

The people at One Drop don’t recommend that you hubstack an M1. This is because unlike the Project, (Which can be hubstacked) the M1 has a round nut (As opposed to the Project’s hex-nut). I believe the first run M1’s have hex-nuts, so you could possibly hubstack them.

M1 can be hubstacked but its not recomended because you can dammage it.