Adding hubstacks...

I want to add some hubs to my M1, any suggestions on how to do this? I’ve seen a video with a mod like this so i figured I’d try it out if its not to ridiculous. :slight_smile:

you would probably have to make threads in the sides and it is very possible with an m1

Its not reccomended, but possible. You have to have some serious modding skills. I’m not sure how exacly you do it, but its not easy. Brett (ibanezcollector) has done it though, maybe he could help.

Yeah it was Brett’s video actually that I saw. :stuck_out_tongue:

IV has done it too. He likes it.

You need an original M1 thats a first run. If you have a second run, with the rounded hex nuts, it wont work.

This is one of two M1s that I bought within the last few months. Dunno if they’re second run or not.

Sorry dude I dont think those will work. Unless you replace the Hex Nuts somehow but…

OK, my M1 has the hex nuts. How do you put the hubstacks in? I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I don’t want to do anything too drastic…

Thanks Contagon

I think IV did it with the round nuts!

I’m pretty sure its posssible with the round nuts, but IMO too risky. It may ruin your M1.

If you really want stacks, get a PGM, it may end up being cheaper.

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alright thanks for the help guys. :slight_smile:

Why would it ruin the yoyo? That does not compute!

brett has stacked m1s with round nuts, his Affogato de LoTempio M1 is stacked and it uses round nuts

He modded the nuts from the PGM.

i know but you dont have to have the first run with the hex nuts to do it, thats what i meant