M1 responsive?

I’ve was playing with my M1 (with new cleaned 10 ball and half pad and half silicone, YYN highlight) and I tried a whip and it came back and hit my finger. OW! Does anyone know why this would of happened? It’s not the string I tried changing it.

well, whips do snag sometimes, but a cleaned 10 ball if played dry can still be a teensie weensie responsive, a few days of play should fix it.

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I have also had this problem with my M1, all I did was take one of the pads out which did help some.

You have to wear out the 10 ball. It takes a while to do but it is worth it. ;D

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Yup. I wouldn’t have cleaned it and just played with it for a while, but that’s ok. Mine also was responsive new and then after a while it became nice and unresponsive, but occassionally it did become responsive for a little while, but that went away with just a few minutes of play.

Yeah. Always happened to my SPEC on my eight8eight. Whenever I heard a click, it would stop a little and then spin again.