M1 Response

Hey, quick question… Having trouble finding info.

I want to buy some response pads for an M1, but I don’t know if the ones they sell here at yoyoexpert are the ones the M1 use. It’s kinda hard to put silicone in it because the response area is large and shallow.

Which brings me to another point, if silicone gets into the bearing seat, what’s the best way to make sure all of it gets cleaned out?

Thanks… :smiley:

The M1 I have came siliconed.
Put it in the groove let it cure and pick off the mess, if any.

Silicone can easily be rubbed off if it gets in your bearing seat. Use a toothpick if you don’t have nails.

Not all M1’s have a silicone groove like yours, fjh123. Plenty were sold with a pad recess like the one Kyle has.

To answer the OP, any .555 pads will work just fine. I always liked Dif’s, but there are plenty of other options.

Thanks. I didn’t know that.

Oh, awesome. Thanks.
I don’t really mind putting silicone, it’s just kind of a drag and it wears out quickly because it’s pretty thin so :confused: