Can I silicone a YYF 44?

Well My response pad popped out of one side of my 44 and I was wondering if I could silicone this? I’m pretty sure I can but not 100% sure.

The weird thing about this is I never have put lube in the bearing wile in the yoyo and what I put in the bearing was a TINY amount. I guess it’s just worn out because I bought it used.

you can silicone most everything. Only things I know of that you can’t are yoyos with a really shallow sili recess. like some duncans with a recessed pad can’t be siliconed.

Yeah I tried to silicone a Metal Drifter. Now its COMPLETELY responsive. Thank You! I got the old pad stuffed back in there for now but once it pops out again I will sili it.

What migh be the reason your MD is responsive, is if you got silicone in the bearing. I always clean my bearing after siliconing just in case.

I take my bearings out before I sili. Then after the sili has dried for a few hours I clean up any overflow. I’m always very careful to check the bearing seat for any extra sili. Sili in the bearing seat will make it responsive.

After I’ve cleaned up the overflow I put the yo down and let the sili dry for the remainder of 24 hours.

You can make the surface of the sili a little dished or concave by smoothing it with a spoon, corner of a credit card, or anything slightly rounded. Makes it less responsive.

I run a pin through the bearing seat to get any silicon that I can’t see, and yes you can sillicon a 44.