M1 bearing troubles

Just got my new M1 and for some reason i can’t get the c-clip out of the bearing. Any suggestion? I’ve been trying to get it out with a pin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look carefully, one of the C-clip sides, usually the right side of the gap, has a kind of ramp thing. Like… < that… Just get your needle above it, and push straight out, towards the center.

– <-

With the line being the outside of the bearing, and the two lines being the C-Clip. Target the arrowy one, and push it out. And keep trying, try on both sides, and both sides of the C-clip too.

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It’s annoying, but search around. There are some good topics around. One thing that peoploe have troubles with a lot is which side to pick at. You want to find the red side and use that side:

(Basically what Batryn was talking about, but a better picture)

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Great, thanks guys. Appreciate it :slight_smile: